About Us

FabMetrics provides the manufacturing industry with “Accessible Industry 4.0” through its low-code platform. Our goal is to create value for both factories and equipment manufacturers by offering innovative digital solutions that optimize production and foster growth. With our plug-and-play solutions and flexible, configurable architecture, manufacturing digitalization projects can now be completed in days rather than months or years.


For equipment manufacturers, our platform allows for the creation of new, stable revenue streams through digital services, improved supplier-client relationships with seamless connectivity, and enhanced product performance through machine learning tools that identify cost-saving opportunities for future machines.


For factories, we serve as the gateway to digitalization of production floors, providing better manufacturing analytics through AI and IIoT tools that incorporate machine builders’ sensor and process know-how. By connecting machines and optimizing production, FabMetrics helps reduce costs and improve profitability.


Our automation capabilities enable the collection and analysis of data from connected machine sensors, unlocking new opportunities for value creation. By leveraging AI models, production can be optimized, product quality can be enhanced, and efficiency can be boosted. This frees up natural human intelligence, allowing machine builders, OEMs, and system integrators to focus on higher-level tasks and decision-making, ultimately driving business success.


At FabMetrics, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower our customers to succeed in the ever-evolving Industry 4.0 landscape.


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