Digital Servitization


FabMetrics can help you implement servitization, an important aspect of the Industry 4.0 movement, in your business. With our IIoT and AI products, you can offer not just physical products but also valuable services such as maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to your customers. This can enhance their experience with your machines, differentiate you from your competitors, and improve customer loyalty and profitability.

Our IIoT and AI technologies enable digital servitization to be more feasible than ever before. At FabMetrics, we can assist you in seamlessly integrating digital servitization into your machines and products using our MES, IIoT Platform, Predictive Quality, and Predictive Maintenance and Spare Parts solutions. These products are designed to optimize your operations, and deliver unmatched efficiency, quality, and performance.


We can help you develop customized business models to meet the unique needs of your customers and servitization strategy. Our product monitoring solution can assist you in optimizing your designs and identifying unexpected cost savings by providing real-time data monitoring, big data warehousing, and anomaly detection.
At FabMetrics, we are committed to supporting you in implementing digital servitization and achieving business transformation. Contact us today (Request a Demo) to learn how we can assist you in taking your business to the next level!

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