At FabMetrics, we have a strong commitment to supporting equipment manufacturers’ R&D departments in accessing Industry 4.0 technology. Our goal is to help you maximize the potential of your machines by identifying overperforming parts and optimizing design for cost reduction. With our cloud-based solution, we offer a comprehensive approach to data collection and monitoring, empowering you to make informed decisions for improved design and reduced costs.

By leveraging the data collected from your machines through FabMetrics, you gain valuable insights that can drive cost-effective machine redesign. We enable you to analyze the entire lifecycle of your machines, comparing expected usage with actual performance and identifying parts that are exceeding design criteria or falling below expectations. This analysis serves as a foundation for optimizing machine designs and achieving enhanced performance and cost savings in future iterations.


With FabMetrics, you have the tools to monitor, compare, and learn from your machines, leading you to the key areas where costs can be minimized during the redesign process. By incorporating machine monitoring into your R&D workflow, you gain a competitive advantage, allowing you to develop machines that not only outperform in terms of performance but also demonstrate cost-effectiveness.
Partner with FabMetrics to unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 technology and harness the power of real-time machine monitoring for your R&D needs. Let us help you identify overperforming parts, optimize machine designs, and drive cost reduction without compromising quality. Stay ahead of the competition with FabMetrics and design machines that set new benchmarks in performance and cost-effectiveness.

What Is (Digital) Servitization?

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