What Is Digital Servitization?

Servitization is one of the key trends driven by the Industry 4.0 movement. It represents a shift towards a service-oriented economy where delivering value-added services is the focus, rather than just physical products.

In the manufacturing context, servitization involves offering customers not only the physical product but also the associated services such as maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. By doing so, manufacturers can differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide more value to their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher profitability.

With new technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), these services can be provided to end-users with lower costs and higher benefits. This is where the concept of ‘digital servitization’ comes into play.

Digital servitization combines servitization with digital technologies such as IoT, data analytics, and AI to offer advanced services to customers. It involves using digital technologies to collect data from machines and equipment to offer more personalized and proactive services to customers.

At FabMetrics, we understand the importance of digital servitization for modern industries. That’s why we’ve developed our low code platform that enables manufacturers to build in-product embedded digital services with very low entry cost and short time to market. With FabMetrics, manufacturers can take advantage of the latest digital technologies to offer more value-added services to their customers, increase customer satisfaction, and generate new revenue streams.

To learn more about how FabMetrics can help your business leverage the power of digital servitization, visit our Request a Demo page today.

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